OMNIA TECHNOLOGIES has built more than 2,000 residential units, numerous industrial projects valued at between $10-$110
million and many commercial offices spanning 10,000 ft2 to 550,000 ft2.

A team you can count on

OMNIA TECHNOLOGIES specializes in managing construction projects in the residential, industrial or commercial sectors. Our expertise, which includes managing labour, as well as equipment, enables us to easily undertake any project, regardless of size or complexity.

In fact, OMNIA TECHNOLOGIES even offers general contracting services to provide our clients with a complete and integrated package of services.

Managing construction projects
and work sites

Since OMNIA TECHNOLOGIES specializes in managing construction projects, our company can undertake all steps necessary to building a new construction, from planning to construction, or even just expanding an existing institutional, commercial or industrial building.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides the following services, which can be delivered individually for smaller projects or as a package for more complex mandates:

  • Representing the owner
  • Project planning
  • Budget estimation
  • Defining a timelineScheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Preparing documents for calls for tenders
  • Negotiating and awarding contracts
  • Creating work site security safety programs
  • Pre-purchases
  • Managing the work site
  • Selecting, hiring and managing labour
  • Materials and logistics
  • Monitoring and coordinating construction work
  • Negotiations
  • Managing the budget and controlling costs
  • Quality control
  • Issuing regular progress reports

General contractor

In addition to our extensive expertise in managing construction projects, OMNIA TECHNOLOGIES also has a general contractor’s licence and the insurance required to undertake major construction projects.

Primarily specialized in project management, we keep clients satisfied by respecting deadlines, providing maximum transparency and delivering quality construction. To deliver on these promises, OMNIA TECHNOLOGIES has developed numerous communications tools (timelines, monthly billing reports, submission reports, etc.) that are very much appreciated by clients who like to keep a close eye on how projects are advancing.