360º expertise

Multiple services – A singular team

At Omnia, we play a number of important roles: real-estate developer, project manager, construction manager and general contractor. They’re all grounded in the belief that excellence should be reflected every square foot of the way. Whether, industrial, commercial or residential projects, our expertise is wide and varied. Our approach is singular.

Over the years, we’ve evolved and diversified our services to meet constantly changing needs. The results speak for themselves. To date, we’ve built thousands of housing units, completed industrial projects valued at between $10 and $110 million each and constructed office buildings ranging from 10,000 to 550,000 sq. ft.

Our success is founded on hard work, dedication, cutting-edge equipment, a solid team and a sterling reputation.


Inspired living spaces

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We know how important choosing and buying a home is. So, we’ve made a commitment to doubling our efforts to build outstanding spaces to live, grow, flourish and invest. From location to design, from choice of materials to quality and durability, we leave nothing to chance. For us, every detail is of paramount importance.

One step ahead of the trends, keenly attuned to the needs of our customers, we work in collaboration with major partners and investors to outdo ourselves, delivering the very best with efficiency. Our clients’ satisfaction ensures our reputation.


Respect for deadlines and budgets

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We handle the entire construction process, from A to Z, from the expansion of industrial buildings to the realization of large commercial projects, from planning to completion, from groundwork to the highest level of expertise. No matter what the project, the work gets done on time and on budget.

We offer a range of services, all backed by a multidisciplinary team of experts.

  • Owner representation
  • Project planning
  • Budget estimates
  • Timelines and scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Preparing documents for calls for tenders
  • Negotiating and awarding of contracts
  • Creating work-site security safety programs
  • Pre-purchases
  • Managing the work site
  • Selecting, hiring and managing labour
  • Materials and logistics
  • Monitoring and coordinating construction work
  • Negotiations
  • Managing budgets and cost control
  • Quality control
  • Issuing progress reports


Confidence and collaboration

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As a fully licensed general contractor with complete insurance coverage for every job, we’re ready to handle any construction project, no matter the size. Often, we take the role of project manager, as always, focussing our efforts on total satisfaction, but this time, for owners. Our expertise is reflected in our respect for deadlines, our total transparency and our outstanding work.

To ensure our constant success, we’ve also developed cutting-edge communication tools that help our clients track work progress, including timelines, monthly cost reports, detailed budgets, and submission results.

When information flows freely. Confidence reigns.